Ultra HD Matte black ... problem?


I wasn’t happy of some very dark prints on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 188gsm (and moab entrada) with the MatteMaster.quads / PROK4. I just discovered this (see attachment), where there is 100% black . The print is dry since 24h. Is it normal or a very bad news?





This looks like over-inking to me. What is your humidity? It should not be over 55%

I think you may need to also limit on these thin papers and then do a linearization.



Same problem here on Museo Portfolio Rag. In the 51-target, patch 50 and 51 are bleeding.
Humidity is not that high.
How I can I set the ink limit?



Send me the 129 measurement file + the quads and I’ll do a special kind of limiting that we do here and upload them back.


best and cheers,



Thanks Walker

I have collected

  • the measurement txt-File out of Color Port
  • the CGATs file out of the Error Correction
  • the Quad File of Hahnemuehle PhotoRag warm which I have used for printing the chart
    … all in the ZIP-file
    However there were 3 errors in the Error Corrector which I did not adjust since I do not know what you are going to do/need now. The chart has dried for 4 hours only.
    I see overinking in the last 3 patches of the chart.
    How do you apply the ink limit - directly in the original quad file?
    I should need to know how to do it since I will also need to do the same for the cool quad file.
    Thanks for your help anyhow
    Best, Markus

Archiv.zip (6.9 KB)


Shadow limiting is something that we do internally here but I hope to publish a tool for it soon.

Here’s your linearized limited quad.




x900-Hahn-PhotoRag-Warm-limited.quad_.zip (2.68 KB)


Thanks. The tool would be very welcome!
Can I copy some of the content into the Hahn-PhotoRag_Cool.quad?

Best, Markus


Hi Walker

I still see some overinking in the last 3 patches - very weak in 127, stronger in 128 and 129.

The measurement data show no problem in the Error corrector. Shall I proceed with this or could you send me another quad with slightly reduced amount of K?

Pls check my other questions above… I guess that I could copy the K values from the limited quad in the cool quad as well?

Best, Markus

Portfolio-Rag-129-warm-limit-112017.txt (2.02 KB)

Portfolio-Rag-129-warm-limit-112017-129-STEP-CGATS.txt (4.88 KB)


I think the other way of limiting will be needed (using your blender tool).

Using your original curve, load it into the cool side of the blender tool.

Then fill the warm side with zeros (all the way down, all zeros).

Then go to the blender sheet and set the “Neutral %” to 50.

This has now turned the blender tool into a “limiting” tool. If cool is set to 100 then everything will be normal (100% ink printing) but if you set the cool number less than 100 this will print with correspondingly less ink. I suggest setting all the cool numbers at 75% (75% of ink) and running a print test.

After successfully eliminating over inking, linearize that new limited curve.




Thanks Walker


Just to be sure. Fill only the K-values with zero or the other inks as well excluding the C, M etc…?


Best, Markus


Fill ALL the warm rows with 0 (including the “# Curve” rows, everything).





Thanks - hope that’s correct…?

I can get rid of the overinking with a value of 60% - and end up with a Dmax of 1.72 - which seems pretty good to me.

What do you think?

And I do just the opposite when I need the cool curve?

Best, Markus




You are doing it correctly.

With the cool curve, just copy/paste it into the same (cool curve) column and keep all the settings the same.

Portfolio rag used to be my main paper back in the day when it was coated by crane (and made by crane) but after intelicoat bought it, it had so many quality control issues I gave up. I remember this exact same over-inking issue happening with this paper around 2012 (with the old Piezo MK). Glad it’s working for you. 1.72 is very respectable.







Thanks - I still love this paper because of its stiffness and texture - and with StudioPrint I knew how to manage its flaws.

It’s the first time I had to limit the inks with Piezography Pro - but now I have an idea how it works.

Would be fine if you could provide a tool that lets you print a chart and see where the percentage has to be set in order to avoid it.

Best, Markus



The ink limit percentage chart (and tool) is actually planned and half done!!!





Good news!

Santa Claus or Xmas?

best, Markus


No release schedule yet. A lot on my plate at the moment.



Hello Walker,

I need to limit ink being printed on my stock of Arches Infinity.

I noticed slight mottling on the 51 step linearization target, and pronounced mottling on the 129. It appears most pronounced where the very light ink starts to max out and the light ink starts to print. This is on cool, warm and neutral curves. I did an Ink Pattern Page and the mottling starts at about 65%. I also notice the darker inks are ‘running’ off the patches at about 85%.

I was wondering if the ink limiting tool was going to be available soon.

I read the advise you gave to Markus above and understand how that is working. But I am not sure how to use the Curve Blending Tool as you describe for a non neutral curve. Can limiting be done to a cool or warm curve using the Blending Tool ?

Thanks, I hope you are enjoying your Holiday Season.



Hi Walker, In just re-reading this thread I see the tool can be used for non neutral curves. I am giving it a go.


Sorry of the late reply, info posted on this thread should give you all you need.