PiezoDN Getting Started


Hello All,

This is our first day printing on Pictorico after having installed PPE v.2 and Quad Tone RIP 2.7.8 on our school’s iMac running macOS Sierra 10.12.6 and usb connected to an Epson 3800 printer with freshly installed Piezography K7 HD/PiezoDN, Selenium tone inks.

Any help you can offer on the following issues would be appreciated!

  • our initial nozzle check looks suspect; there is no visible ink in the 3rd section and hardly any visible ink in the 8th section. Reinstall?

  • once the image is loaded in Print Tool from Photoshop, the dialogue box at the bottom right only offers “Application Managed”, not “Print Tool Managed”.

-We’re using Piezo DN_PtPd default as the output profile and “perceptual”, so no issues here.

-Our Printer is “Quad3800-K7”, format for Quad 3800 Piezo DN Pro, Curve #1 is Piezo DN Pro-Master-beta. Is this an appropriate work flow?

The first negative came out without difficulty but I don’t want to proceed until I get the above issues straightened out. Thanks so much!


One ink is gloss optimizer. Print a nozzle check on gloss paper and look at the glare reflected off a lightbulb. You will see the nozzles show up.

Not sure about the 8th section. Can you upload your nozzle check?

If you have print-tool open you should see this (although Perceptual is what you want, not what I have screenshot):


Wrong curve folder. After installing PiezoDN go to Piezography>Curves>3800-3880-PiezoDN and run the 3800 install command there.


Thanks Walker for responding to my questions.

Hopefully you’ll be able to discern from the attached nozzle check on glossy paper whether we have all K7 selenium inks engaged properly or if some are misfiring. Bouncing direct light off of the 3rd square does indicate some faint trace, but isn’t the 8th square from the left supposed to be darker?




All seven shades and the GO are in the correct positions. It’s really hard to see shade 7 in the yellow position in this photo. There are a few nozzles missing here and there… You can easily see shade 7 when you run a Calibration Mode test (in the manual). But, from what I can see the inks are properly placed.




Hi Walker & Jon,

Trying to measure our Colormunki 129 step tablet printed on COT320 using the cyanotype.quad which was printed on Pictorico yesterday
. Color Port can’t read Colormunki. Is there anyway around this or does the school have to purchase i1Pro before we can proceed here? Thanks.


ColorPort is no the app you need. You need ColorPicker. If memory serves, you have this installed in your computer.