K7 proof prints before printing negative

Thanks for doing this Keith.

the set-up you have shown in Print Tool matches what I have been seeing and doing.

I made my ICC from the lin2 curve that you worked on here. It does 100% increase the highlights.

Could problems have arisen from making/linearizing the Quad in Windows, then dragging it over onto the Mac?

When it comes to remapping the curves and doing some new linearizations I’ll do it all on the Mac


I don’t think there is a difference in PiezoDN quads across platforms. I have made plenty of QTR curves (non-PiezoDN) for a couple of friends using Windows over many years with never a problem. On the other hand, that might be something that you could test yourself. Try doing everything on just one platform – I suggest sticking to the Mac.

Until now I have never heard anyone describe a standard QTR-Create-ICC ICC used in PiezoDN behaving the way you say yours are. It should definitely not be adding density to the highlights of the negative. This strongly suggests that you are doing something wrong somewhere, but without going over it all step by step from the beginning I don’t know how to identify the problem. And it might turn out that you are doing anything wrong at all.

I need to take a break from this (the forums) for a week or so, if I can manage to stay away. Try what I suggested above and see if it makes a difference.

Good luck

Thanks, will look at how I made the ICC again and make a print with your adjusted quad.
I haven’t had trouble with linearizing the quads before as the instructions are broken down well. Should be as simpel to make the ICC.

Enjoy your break. Just saw the prices of pd mentioned in a thread on Fixons digi neg film.
Sad now :frowning: How much do you have for 2 -3 years? I probably have 80ml here. Need to go steady on it.