K7 proof prints before printing negative


Please post the text file.

Book3.txt (2.6 KB)

Try deleting lines 1-5 of the text file and try again.

tried it, didn’t work either.

That’s what worked for me with your txt file. Send the modified text file.

Book4.txt (2.6 KB)

Worked for me. Hmmmm.

I kinda sorta remember Walker once saying that other than the special versions of the SMOOTHER tool, all the other tools require Excel due to programing that can’t be replicated for other spreadsheets. Are you using Excel to run Curve Adjustment and generate the CGATS file?

Nah. That doesn’t make sense. Then why does it work for me!?

Yup using Excell. I remember before you had to generate a curve for me. It worked for you using identical files but not me. Weird

Do you have a Mac available that you could try this on?
I can always just send you the adjusted quad. That would be easy. :wink:

I do have a Mac yes, but need to get more memory and a dedicated keyboard for it.
The adjusted quad would be great thanks!

I’ll need the quad to be adjusted …

good point…

3880-PiezoDN-PtPdPlatineMaster-lin.quad (10.3 KB)

3880-PiezoDN-PtPdPlatineMaster-lin-adj.quad (8.3 KB)

Hope that works :slight_smile:

Thankyou. I’m sure it will!

Do you think this very mild tweak should do what I want?

Is it possible to view my ICC as a photoshop curve so i can see how it is changing the values?

Sure - just make a curve that matches it. Just remember the screen can only approximate a print on paper, but you can see the change. If this is not enough then pull the shadows down a bit more. Maybe something like this which is close to what the Piezography ICC Profiler (part of PPEv2) default does.

I’m not sure how to find a visual representation of my ICC. I can’t in the older versions of Photoshop.

I’m done for tonight, but what version of Ps are you using? Soft-proofing is not exactly new. I still use CS6.