i1Pro 3 Plus compatibility

Any experience or comments on this newest X-rite product as applies to Piezography? It appears to have a different sensor, or lens. I was about to give up my ancient i1Pro when I realized the 2 was not the latest version.

v3 is ok. The Plus one will require really big patches so not good for alt process.

I’m working on targets for v3 regular and v3 plus.


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All things considered, patience seems to be the power word for this moment. Thanks Walker, Don Stay safe for all of you.

I see on the X-Rite website that the price for the i1Basic Pro v2 and v3 are the same…I assumed that the v2 would be cheaper and subject to old model discounting but it appears not.

I’m not familiar with the i1Pro line (I have been using a Colormunki to good results so far, and I’m assuming the i1Basic Pro models would work with Piezo and DN, please correct me if I’m wrong), but is there any reason why a v3 would be better than v2 or vice versa? I’m not even sure I want to pull the trigger now anyway, but if I run across a good deal for a v2 I’d probably jump on it.