Yellow Gradient

I am converting my P6000 and now I’m down to just the yellow that is creeping into images. It’s kind of weird because I have created a yellow purge target that is about 20x20". The first 5-8" will have the yellow in it, then it will slowly turn to the proper light warm shade, then it goes back to yellow. Is this normal behavior?

It kept recurring over a few more yellow patch calibration prints but eventually it stopped happening. just strange because if you picture a 20x20" square of the ink color, it would be correct for a few inches, then go to yellow, then back to correct…with a few recurrences of it. Guess it’s just part of shaking things out.

I think you were probably encountering previous ink in dampers. Walker suggests two 44x90 size purge images in this thread.

When I was recently making a change to my 7900 setup, I needed this many square inches in total to get the full switch made.