X9-K4-glossmaster vs linearization ?

After a linearization 51/129 steps of the X9-K4-GlossMasterV1-X-NCGO.quad, I’ts really difficult to discern the differences on the two prints (on Type5), one did with the masters and the other with the new curves. I even had the doubt of having print twice with the master curves. The differences was really clear on P2, but here on PROK4 it’s not, maybe just a “little bit more contrast” and something in the black “more intense”, but it’s subtle. Is someone saw the difference after a linearization of K4?

In attachment the new curves after 129 steps linearization and on details of the print (left masters, right new curves.)


Piezo Pro is totally linear out of the box. This is a commitment that we have for Pro ink.

The graphs above simply prove it.



a little bit different on matte paper, on Hahnmuhle Photo Rag and Awagami the linearization was really useful…