Wrong number of inks


I’m trying to linearize a profile for use on a 3880 which is loaded with a K7 + PK + GO Special Edition inkset. The paper is Epson Hot Press Natural. I printed a target using the special edition Hanumuhle photo rag profile and went through the linearization procedure. When I try to print with the new profile, qtr gives me a error that there are the wrong number of inks in the profile, and prints come out very dark. I did the whole procedure with another paper and got the same result. Suggestion?


Update to the newest version of PPEv2 and re-do-it. There have been several bug fixes related to this. https://piezography.com/downloads/piezography-professional-edition/

Post screenshots if it still does not work.



Will do, Walker. Thanks.


I just checked, and I used the latest version of the software to create the profiles, 2.0.9. What screen shots would you like? Here is a link to the new profile: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xmkwlj9dbno18wz/PDS_3880_256_K7-SpecEd-EHPN_11_22_18.quad?dl=0


So I looked at your .quad and for some odd reason all of the returns have been replaced with tabs.

Here’s the fixed one (I fixed by just doing a find-replace).

No something is off with how your copy/paste works if you are getting tabs instead of returns.

fixed.quad (7.7 KB)


Thanks, Walker. I’ll watch out for that next time. I used Sublime Text 3 for Windows as the text editor.