Witch Black ???


Hello Walker and list,

I can’t believe I am asking this question at this point but I cannot find an answer in documentation anywhere, perhaps its a bit too fundamental. I noticed today, why I even looked I don’t know, that my 9900 is set to use photo black ink. I have been printing on matte papers, mostly Hannamule Photo Rag and Arches Infinity which has a similar finish. My curves use a lot of black and the prints look good.

Is the choice of black ink, photo or matte, determined by the printer setting (button on control panel), or did I define it somewhere else along the way and forgot where it was set ?




Answered my own question.

Linearizing now with Ultra HD Matte k. What a difference ! Not sure if I’ll use it, seems a bit too photographic maybe. We’ll see.



Glad you are printing with UHD. It’s quit an ink. Darkest MK ink we’ve ever measured. Even darker than HP, Canon, Epson, etc.


It takes some getting used to.