Why can't the 1430 print Glossy?


Recently jumped into the system. Ultra HD Matte Black prints beautifully on Red River Matte Paper.

Though… Glossy can’t be done on my printer… Is it because of the lack of a gloss optimizer? Throwing caution to the wind I risked destroying the universe and printed on glossy anyway. Just to see what would happen.

The print was beautiful. Every shade but Ultra HD Matte Black was glossy and perfect. Matte was, you guessed it, matte. An odd looking patch. I feel like if I were to treat the print surface after printing or modify the curve to leave out Matte shade 1 ink altogether (the next shade up was dark enough for my taste) I think it would work nice.

Has anyone else tried something similar?




Well, it can print glossy—just with some bronzing on the current inks—and this has been a long-time goal of mine. Our next neutral and carbon ink sets will be gloss on this printer. We are actually planning on K4 (MK + PK + Sh2,Sh3,Sh4 + Gloss Chroma Optimizer). The nozzle size on this printer is so small that a K4 print works really well.


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Interesting, certainly would be interested in trying that!