Why can I never successfully replace a selector unit?

I have replaced many capping stations and selector units/dampers, but it’s always a gamble. It seems like at least 75% of the time, I have a lot of issues when replacing the selector units on 7900/P9000 etc. I open the doors to depressurize, I replace the gaskets, and I try to put it on gently and kind of massage it into place (mostly straight in, but slight circle motion once set) and very carefully tighten each screw equally, little by little, starting in the center, then top, then sides, over and over until its tight, but not too tight (I don’t apply much torque at all, just a little bit). Almost always what seems to happen is the bottom or top of the nozzle check is bad spotty. I can get it to go away after cleanings, but it often comes back and moves around and I waste a lot of ink cleaning. I don’t know how I can put it on any more evenly… Is there any priming tricks or vacuum issues or something that I’m unaware of?

Thank you!

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there’s air for-sure. That is because the cleaning assembly is not aligned. yes you can align it (or change its elevation). Yes it’s in the manual.