Which target to use for linearization?

Hello all, I have been away from Piezography for a while, trying to get back up and running and clear some of the cobwebs. Which is the recommended target to use for the initial linearization process?

Piezo Pro inks

The latest support video from Walker suggests using the 21x16 step chart and reading that in i1Profiler. But also seems to suggests that target is really intended for some of the alt print processes where the difference between starting curve and measurements might be quite different. I am linearizing an Ilford baryta using the supplied Canson curves which are already very close.

In the past i have always used the more standard 256 step chart. Is there a compelling reason to use the new 21x16 chart if linearizing a baryta paper using a baryta curve that are probably already ‘in the same ballpark’ ?

And can I safely ignore the strong cool/cyan cast that appears in i1Profiler when I import the .pwxf workflow file ?

thanks so much

For Pro inks I recommend the the 256 step targets. if you notice a lot of step laddering in the measurements that require a lot of smoothing however, I recommend doing the 21x16.

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Excellent thanks Walker

Hi Walker,

Is there a 256 step target for the Spyder?

And how does the i1Studio compare to the i1Pro (family) spectrophotometers?


No but you can use the i1Pro 256 target with it.

i1Studio is utter crap.