Which printer to use in print tool?



I’m printing digital negatives with my Epson 9900 using the Piezography Pro inkset (missing the very light shades). I’m confused about which printer to select in Print-Tool. Should I select “Quad9900-PiezoDN”, or “Quad9900-PiezoDNProK4” or “Quad9900-PiezoDNProK5” ? Does it make a difference which I select? And if, for example, I linearized my kallitype workflow using one of these drivers, if I switch and use a different driver, will my linearization no longer work?



Quad9900-PiezoDN is for K7 inks (not yours).

Quad9900-PiezoDNProK5 is for the full pro set which you don’t have.

You need to use the Quad9900-PiezoDNProK4.

Remap K to Green on the master curve and you should be good to start.

Just FYI, it is a beta curve and produces some noise with QuadtoneRIP. This is why we are coming out with the driver which is imminent.



Great, that’s what I’ve been using. Thanks for confirming. Already remapped the channel.

I created my Kallitype linearization based off of the pt/pd beta-curve. I first limited, then printed the beta pt/pd curve, then linearized for my kallitype curve. If I’m understanding you correctly, I’ll have to re-do my linearization after you release the new driver?


Yeah, the driver uses an entirely different dot structure and ink amounts as well as something I’m calling a “calibration food-chain” which we have somewhat invented here in our little R&D lab over the past few months to make things easy. It will be worth it though :slight_smile:


Awesome, looking forward to it. Thanks for the help!