Where to get a new print head? do companies repair old ones?

I believe my Epson 9880 print head malfunctioned. Some the nozzles print but most all the channels are affected. It was a sudden onset of failure. I no doubt need a new print head. The printer otherwise seems to be in good shape. Does anyone have any recommendations as to where I can get a reliable print head?

You can only get print heads from Epson importers and you can not return them for any reason.

Replacing a print head is not difficult, but it is extremely complicated. It is impossible to do without the technical manual and service software. These are both difficult to acquire. I bought the service software from some sketchy website (in Russia I think). I don’t remember exactly where I got them, you’ll have to Google.

I replaced a p800 print head and it works flawlessly.

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I have contacted Compassmicro about the printheads, but they no longer have this head. They sold their last head 5 years ago.

The gentleman I talked to at Compassmicro did give me the proper information about the correct printhead. There are several versions of this head and some are solvent based. I only just got this information today. The original for the epson 9880 is the water based printhead.

The print heads I have found were very expensive and I wanted to make sure that I purchased the correct printhead prior to making a $2K purchase.

My Epson 9880 is a good printer and only appears to have a bad head, or at least I hope that’s the only problem.

It also appears that this particular printhead originally designed for the Epson printer has been used by several different printers/manufactures all of which have pirated the epson print head for their particular printer. Many Chinese made printers, for example. Epson in response placed a lock on their printheads for this printer and when the lock was cracked they added two locks before eventually stopping production all together. So now the only place to get the print head is through other sellers who purchased the remaining Epson stock, mostly in China.

For printheads and other parts you can try

I bought a new head for a P9000 from them earlier this year
You can also try
Gedat are in Germany, Sdott are in China, I have had good experiences with both companies
You will need both the Service Manual and the Field Repair Guide for your model. You will also need the Adjustment Program. The first place to look for these would be in the ‘Files’ section of the Epson Wide Format “IO” group.
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I found the website. still looking for a good source for manuals

Check the Epson section at 2manuals.com..

My understanding is that the 9880 and 9800 are exactly the same machine, it was only the inks that changed between the 2 models, so any parts or manuals will apply equally to both models

I could be wrong but that is my understanding

The head ribbon cable is slightly different on the 9880. The head is also TFT coated on the 9880.


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any ideas where to find an adjustment program/wizard?

Also check 2manuals.com; the Epson Adjustment Programs section.

Specifically for the 9880.

Looking for any advice / recommendations.
I have replaced my 9880 print head and I used the adjustment wizard to install printhead ID. The printer appeared to accept the code but when I print the printer just goes through the motions and no ink is printed on the paper. I tried a nozzle check, and I also tried printing an 8x10 image. still nothing. :(…

Did you run a power clean or Ink charge/initial fill ?