Where do the curves live


This might be just a basic QTR question, I am new to QTR, but where are the curves installed, including the ones I am trying to make? I want to delete the ones I will not use. They appear in the drop down.



Mac HD > Library > Printers > QTR > quadtone > Quad1430-PiezoDN (or whatever the relevant printer name may be)


You should also delete them from Applications > Piezography > Curves > 1430-PiezoDN so that they don’t get reinstalled.


Thank you!


After deleting curves in both locations and then deleting the printer and re-installing the printer, this will delete the unwanted curves.

In future releases of the individual printer install packages I will add a shell script to do this automatically so after deleting a curve from the Piezography>Curves>myprinter> folder it will also be deleted from the curve menu after installing the qtr printer from the package.





Excellent. Thanks!