When you know you've primed your 3800/3880 cart


Hi friends,

There are two videos I’ve seen on filling 3800 carts. One is voiced by Dana and involves priming through an aperture with a replaceable plug at the side of the cart, the other is not voiced by Dana and involves breaking the seal and priming through the outlet nozzle using a smaller syringe.

I should say at this point that instead of inserting 60ml followed by 10ml I’ve gone for 35ml and then another 35ml, I can’t think it would make any difference and I find it helpful to remove a variable and draw the same amount of ink each time.

I’ve attempted to prime using the aperture at the side of the cart - removing the air inlet plug and drawing around 10ml into the large syringe - but keeping an eye on the notes given in the other video about the various chambers within the cart. (I thought that 10ml was quite a lot so I put the plug back in, reattached the needle and added the ink back to the cart).

What I’m left with can be seen in the picture below:

This probably indicates one of two things:

  1. I’ve been able to follow a simple and well constructed demonstration and completed the priming of my cart, or
  2. I have not.

I’m doubtful that it’s option number 1 because:
a) I can’t see the air gap at the top of the cart.
b) one of the chambers towards the top left has not been filled, and
c) there appear to be 4 other empty rectangular chambers that I don’t recall from either video.

Am I good to go?
Have I missed something in the procedure?

Kind regards


There are a variety of “historical” videos out there.

This is the proper one:

Because the chamber is full of ink you are good and primed.