When Linearizing the 129-Step Target, I didn't get a "-LIN.Quad"

I have just tried to linearize the 129-Step Target. All went swimmingly. I have a few negative #'s and average the line above and below and entered that value in place of the negative numbers.

I saved the .tsv file and changed the extension to .txt.

When I dropped the two files onto the QTR-Linearize-Quad droplet, I didn’t get a -LIN.QUAD file. I did get a -out.txt.

Do you have a clue as to what went wrong?


Attached is my 129-CGATS File<span style=“color: #232323; font-family: Helvetica;”><span style=“font-size: 8.5px;”>.</span></span>

I also noticed that my newly created .Quad’s don’t have Icons in front of them like the pre-existing ones.




Did you download the corrected data from 129 Step Cgats tab at the bottom of the error corrector?


That is the .tsv file, correct.


Ok. I see the problem. You actually need to go to the File>Download As menu inside of the google spreadsheet. Do not use the File Download As menu on the computer.


I wasn’t able to linearize the Neutral Curve, so I started over. I was successful in getting a cool, Neutral and Warm Curve.

A possible issue might have been that I copied my starting curve and renamed it. I didn’t do this the next time.

Thanks for your help.