Weekly maintenance

What is a good approach to avoiding clogs? Once a week I currently lift one side of the printer up and down to about 30 degrees 10 times, perform a nozzle check, do a head cleaning if needed and print a 10 ink separation page in calibration mode with 100% ink. I also keep the room at 55% humidity and the printer is covered at all times when not in use. Is this enough? Should I just put flush in the printer if I’m not really printing more than once a month? I hate to waste so much ink and the maintenance tank.

that is decent.



I’d only add that that in my experience, printing the sep page first, and letting it sit for 30 mins or so, you may find that doing a nozzle check after that may save you wasteful cleaning cycles. Sometimes when I am inactive for a week or more, I just print that page every few days anyway, printing that or anything helps keep the ink in the lines from settling too.