Warm tones utilisation

I have the 3880 printer with piezo pro inks. I print negatives for cyanotype and gum bichromate. Is it normal that warm tones are really more used for printing my negatives? It used more the double warm than the cool inks and it is the same with the photo black.
Also is there a great difference between the cyanotype curve and the gum curve. Usually I used the cyanotype thinner curve.

Thank you


Warm ink is used maybe 5% more than cool. So not sure what your warm is going down more unless you are also printing warm inkjet prints also?


The warm tone used is more than 30% more than cool and photo black.
I prepare my color image in RVB, separate and print with the cyanotypethinner curve . May be the gum curve is better? The image print is good with all the detail but pale and I have to change the exposition time. The development of the image is difficult and leaves marks.

Walker, what do you mean by “printing warm inkjet prints” ?
Do I always have to select Pt-Pd icc when I prepare my images?

Thank you !