vertical lines on print

Hello Jon/Walker ,

i have vertical lines on my print. On the picture attached you can see between the warm reflections , 7-8 lines, slightly darker than the surrounding. the width of the lines is 1 - 2 cm…the lines are perpendicular to the printhead/movement…what you see on the picture is the first run, without the GO…

after a head cleaning i checked the nozzle’s , all fine…

I made a second print, the lines were still there on the first run, but less visible then on print number 1 . After drying and GO the lines on print number 2 are hardly visible . what could be the cause of these lines?

Selenium K7 ink, JonCone type 5, Epson 9880 , linearized Curve

This looks like you need to do a manual UniD (Uni Directional) head alignment.

Also, roll the print and let it dry overnight (pretty much right after printing).

It may be a combo of head alignment out of wack and also the platen making ripples on the paper.

You may need to print with vacuum pressure set to -1 or -2.