Vertical banding - digital artifacts?


I am having some issues printing a negative for silver printing. I am experiencing some vertical banding/uneven tone in the opposite direction to the print head moves.

The nozzle check is solid and I am not seeing this from another file.

The original file was low resolution 72dpi. I upscaled this to 300 dpi for printing.

The image looks smooth on the screen and it also prints smoothly as a positive K7 print using the same printer and WN inks.

I’m not sure why it isn’t printing as smoothly as a digital negative.

Any thoughts on this? Cheers

this is most likely a head alignment issue.

You’ll need to align your head.


Thanks Walker,

Where can i find instructions for doing this?

Ok, I found the instructions in the manual. Will I need to run the head alignment on a piece of pictorico film?


Ok, have done that now and it does look smoother. Thanks!

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