variations of CGATS tool?


Is there a version of the CGATS tool that works with 21 step charts? Or is there a way to use the existing CGATS tool for charts less than 129 steps? I am not using this for linearization; call it “pre-linearization” and other testing.



No. But the PP (beta) tool that you have access to will take any amount of patches from 10 patches to 256.





Ok. thanks.


That said, the “Piezography Linearization Checker” tool will take the 21steps and show a graph. Does not create a CGATS file though.





Quick followup, re “Piezography Linearization Checker” instructions refers to the smoothing functionality (as found in the 129 step PiezoDN CGATS smoother tool) but yet there does not seem to be a place to enter the smoothing amount. Hidden column or… ?


It’s not going to smooth w/ the checker sorry. Just the newest PP tool does this . . .




Thanks for the quick reply.