V2 is now available

Hey everyone. PiezoDN v2 is now available.

We have increased dMax of the last patch of each neg to 4+ optical.

We’ve included P2 (Piezography 2) curves where needed.

PiezoDNv2 now has non-US model printer curves/installers.

We’ve included beta SureColor model support for people outside of EU and US who have unlocked P-series 24" and 44" printers. These printers work with QTR internally with the Epson dither and do not micro-line.

We’ve included more documentation around ink placement in the deluxe manual.

We still do not have final Piezography Pro PiezoDN curves available. This will come in the new year.

Piezography team will be on vacation from this Friday through the new year so support on here may be a bit sparse. I’ll check in every once in a while to see what’s going on though!

happy holidays,