Using Piezo DN on a PC



I am finally finding time to get the PiezoDN system set-up on my PC. I downloaded all the needed content and am quite disappointed with the instructions provided for PC use. In the PiezoDN-Windows folder under PiezoDN Instructions Epson 1430 instructions are not at all accurate for PC use. Line item 2 on the requirements is “A McIntosh Computer”. Where can I find accurate directions on how to use this system for my PC. When I ordered this system I did speak with Wells and he assured me documentation was provided for PC use. What am I missing?




Hi Marty,
You contacted me last week, and I directed you to the latest version of PiezoDN and its updated Windows instructions manual. I did not hear back from you. I just noticed that you had also posted here. Let us know you’re up and running on your PC.


Dear Marty,

I apologize for the late reply. We have been on vacation. All you need to do is download the most recent version. It looks like your version from a few months ago is an older one.

In the most recent version of PiezoDN (after install) you will find the Getting Started Guide. This is a new collapsed “universal” getting started instruction set for all printers.

I’ve uploaded it here as well. (159.0 KB)



Sorry Jon. I am up and running and output a pretty good looking neg for platinum/palladium. My real need is for a positive for photogravure (copperplate) using Dragon carbon tissue. Drilling a hole in my head and pouring the battery acid in now. :slight_smile: Have any input or should I start a new topic. I am using a PC, which seems to complicate the issue somewhat.



You can use any of the non-piezodn (ink on paper) curves to start with this process.

  1. Print a positive with one of the 1430 HD curves (that comes with the community edition)
  2. Print positive 256 step “limiter” target >Piezography>Images>PiezoDN_Targets>limiter.tif
  3. expose and make plate just like you would w/ normal pos.
  4. print plate.
  5. On this thread, list the step at which you have the most Dmax (before it gets into open-bite)
  6. Post the curve you used and ideally the measurements of the printed steps before the one that is darkest. You need a spectrophotometer for that.
  7. I will use a tool (PPEv2) that is not part of PiezoDN to make a limited “pre-linearized” pos curve for you so that you can finalize the last step.
  8. Print a 129 step target w/ this new curve.
  9. Measure and linearize with the normal PiezoDN workflow.