Using LAN with Epson SC P400

I am just starting this piezography journey and am now beginning to print my first DNs with Piezo Pro inks on an Epson SC P400. The way my space for this is configured, I would prefer to run the printer wirelessly. To date, the printer has been directly connected to the internet via Ethernet, with me happily printing from my laptop from the most comfortable chair in the house! However,I have not figured out a way to run the Epson P400 for piezography except by a direct USB connection. Has anyone been able to print wirelessly?

Walker wrote once;
“Just delete all your printers from your queue, then disconnect the printer from USB.

Then double click the install.command from your curves folder and type in the IP address of the printer on the network.”

I duplicated the curve folder I needed and gave the installer (it’s in the folder) a new name that reflected my printer and connection. That will be the name you see as your printer in Settings.