Using i1 iSis for Profiling Heavy Art Papers

I’m thinking of picking up a used i1 iSis for profiling photogravure prints, but note that the max paper thickness is listed as 0.45 mm. Has anyone used this device for profiling heavier papers for whatever alt-process you’re using that exceed this thickness? What is thickest paper you’ve successfully profiled with this device? Any failures due to paper thickness?


I think you can remove the white plastic thickness set wedges and it should work


Thanks Walker! That sounds promising. Following on the logic that underlies using a 21x16 target to measure same target densities multiple times across the page, the expanded target you’ve created for the iSis should improve linearization results.

What’s the heaviest paper you’ve used with an iSis, and did you remove the set wedges?


I’m at a DTP workshop this week and have an ISIS at home. I’ll print a target tomorrow and attempt a measurement when I get back. Stay tuned for a report.

Terrific! Look forward to your report.

Happy to report no issues measuring a target printer with a DTP plate on H’muehle Cooperplate.

Also, here is an updated 700 (100x7) patch target for the iSis that Walker created last week during the Advanced DTP workshop. We adjust the patch sizes to hopefully accommodate the paper stretch that occurs during gravure printing but also still work with iSis. I printed a plate, made a print last week, and then measured it last night. I can confirm this target and workflow works with i1 Profiler.


Great to hear the positive results! Thank you for sharing your experience and adding to our knowledge base. Did you remove the plastic thickness set wedges as Walker suggested? If not, that could be a solution for papers thicker than H. Copperplate.

As a point of reference, I did some measurements of the paper thickness with my precision calipers, but though they are very accurate, they are not made specifically for paper and thus the measurements reflect more variability than I would expect if using the proper instrument. Nevertheless, it does give an estimate. Measuring samples from the stack of H. Copperplate I recently purchased, the thickness varies from 0.47 to 0.49 mm, just above the upper limit of the iSis. Of course, this is on dry paper not having gone through the entire printing process.

Here are some of my measurements of other papers: Magnani Incisioni - 0.58 mm, Magnani Pescia - 0.55 mm, Somerset Satin - 0.44 mm.

I did not make any changes to the standard iSis configuration, and yes, I agree that doing such could be a solution for papers thicker than H. Copperplate.

Yes, this H. Copperplate target had been through the press. I’ll get out my trusty Mitutoyo digital calipers and make a measurement!

I measure ~0.35mm for the H. Copperplate for the print area.

Interesting! I went back and measured paper thickness of several prints I made on H. Copperplate at the June workshop, and they measure at 0.39 - 0.41 for those prints with a ST-Industries Caliper, significantly less than what I measured with dry stock before print prep. It does appear the printing process produces some flattening of the paper, which bodes well for using the iSis. Perhaps even other papers with greater thickness will be useable for profiling with the iSis.

Thanks again!

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