Using Blender Tool to Neutralize a Curve

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone has used the blender tool to neutralize a curve rather than create a toned split. I’m working with Canson Rag Photo and a 7900 with the PRO-k5 inkset. I have linearized the supplied neutral curve, but found that the darker midtones are a bit cool and the upper midtones are a bit warm (possibly due to paper color). I was thinking I could work on further neutralizing this curve using the blender tool by adding some warm to the areas that are too cool and some cool to the areas that are too warm. Does anyone have experience doing this? Is it easier to just try and make a neutral curve by blending the warm and cool curves rather than trying to “fix” the neutral curve?



I actually built the neutral curves with the blending tool but only just a straight blend percentage across all tones.

Put your cool curve and warm curves in the blender.

Set the “Neutral Warm” number to 21 (this was the number I used to make your neutral curve)

Then blend from there to tweak the neutral axis to your heart’s desire.




Great! I’ll try that.