Use of Piezography professional to build new curves

A theoretical question?
Piezography professional works great to perfect an existing curve and fully adapt it to a given printing channel (ie a specific printer with its specific inks).
Could Piezography professional be used to build a new curve for a brand of paper not listed in the existing curves (in Piezography community edition)?
Could one start with an existing curve designed for a paper, similar in quality and characteristics to the aim paper, and use the fine tuning calibration process to build a new, reliable curve for this paper (by printing, and measuring charts and then feed the results into Piezography professional)?

It can be used to fully adapt an existing curve to wildly different papers. For example, we used the Photo Rag curve and limited it in very specific ways to build a new curve for fully uncoated papers which we the linearized.

tldr: You do not need to build curves from scratch per-say, you can use an existing curves and modify them.


Many thanks!
On my way to experiment…