Upgrading to M1 apple chip

My mid 15 MacBook Pro is getting a little slow in Photoshop with the topaz plug-ins that I like to use… I’m using Mojave and I have an Epson 3880 that I use with Piezo pro inks and a Canon pif 6400 for color. Something with a M1 chip sounded very inviting for the speed … But I’m guessing I would have to give up printing… Not a good option. If I need more speed I should just stay with one of the newer Intel chips in an iMac? and for the piezoprinting do i need to stick with Mojave or can I move up to Catalina or Big Sur . I haven’t had to pay attention to a lot of this stuff for quite a while so I’m a little slow on the draw. But I do remember having some real problems Canon drivers.

I run everything M1/BigSur no prob



I’m also running M1/Big Sur for everything (Epson printers, QTR, PrintTool etc). You won’t be disappointed. A MacBook Air is my main workstation now.

I was talking to a friend yesterday who recently upgraded to M1/Big Sur and was having Canon printer issues. She said that Canon support had told her that they had a number of reports of issues using USB for connecting to older printers from M1/Big Sur (hers is an IPF 5100 I think). The same printers would work just fine if used on a network connection instead.

Bob Smith

I’m still running Mojave for fear something would stop working if I upgraded . So just to clarify, if I upgrade to Big Sur, my Print Tool and QTR software that works with Mojave will still work fine? Thanks.


It’s been working fine for me for several months now, FWIW.

It all works on M1 :slight_smile:

You. just need to download the most recent versions of both softwares.


All went fine. Thanks.