Upgrading to M1 apple chip

My mid 15 MacBook Pro is getting a little slow in Photoshop with the topaz plug-ins that I like to use… I’m using Mojave and I have an Epson 3880 that I use with Piezo pro inks and a Canon pif 6400 for color. Something with a M1 chip sounded very inviting for the speed … But I’m guessing I would have to give up printing… Not a good option. If I need more speed I should just stay with one of the newer Intel chips in an iMac? and for the piezoprinting do i need to stick with Mojave or can I move up to Catalina or Big Sur . I haven’t had to pay attention to a lot of this stuff for quite a while so I’m a little slow on the draw. But I do remember having some real problems Canon drivers.

I run everything M1/BigSur no prob



I’m also running M1/Big Sur for everything (Epson printers, QTR, PrintTool etc). You won’t be disappointed. A MacBook Air is my main workstation now.

I was talking to a friend yesterday who recently upgraded to M1/Big Sur and was having Canon printer issues. She said that Canon support had told her that they had a number of reports of issues using USB for connecting to older printers from M1/Big Sur (hers is an IPF 5100 I think). The same printers would work just fine if used on a network connection instead.

Bob Smith