Updated Linear Softproof curves

Dear community.

I will be updating PiezoDN soon with P5000 curves, P700 curves, and P800 curves,

These are new Linear Softproof ICCs as well.

  1. Install the ICCs.
  2. (only in photoshop) open a gray gamma 2.2 or adobe rgb 1998 tagged image.
  3. Go to View/Proof-Setup.
  4. In the device to simulate menu select one of these profiles.
  5. Important Turn Preserve RGB Numbers on,
  6. This simulates a linear print workflow where you are printing with no color management from QuadtoneRIP with a calibrated “linearized” QTR curve. After hitting Preserve RGB you will see your image flatten out its contrast. Tweak to taste before saving and printing with no color management.

PiezoDN-Linear-ICCs.zip (7.9 KB)

But wait, there’s more!

The following ICCs are PRINT iccs meant to be used with color management turned on at output time and they allow for no soft proofing in your monitor/photoshop. They assume you already have a linearized calibrated output in your darkroom. As long as you have that you are good to use these ICCs with either Perceptual or Relative Colorimetric rendering intent turned on (with black point compensation).

These ICCs will work with any ICC compliant output application and are XRITE v4 iccs. Do not use them for linear soft proofing as they will cause soft proofing artifacts. Just use for printing.