Unable to have .quads availble in Print Tool

Finally (to resolve problems with SpyderPRINT Software version 5.6) I’ve upgraded from Big Sur 11.4 to 11.5.2.

If I try to install the printer with “InstallP600-HDP2.command” the following screen appears …


Finally the printer is ‘installed’ without any .quad availble in Print Tool, refer the following screen:


Any suggestions?





Any idea how I can solve/avoid the following ‘error’.


Please share screenshot of the quadtonerip curve selection step.


(for info - the target was well printed, it’s after the print that the above ‘error’ message appears, in fact after each print that I do the ‘filter failed error’ appears in the above screen)

The information herafther is wat you need?

In above window at Curve 1 I make the selection of the required Curve (.quad).
and Run Print in the main Print Tool window.


Ahh, this is a bug in the most recent version of QTR. Installed the 1 previous version and it will be ok. I’ve contacted Roy about this bug but no movement yet.


I’ve installed QTR 2.7.10 and it seems OK. Thanks!

Last weeks I’ve spent a lot of time in software installation (SpyderPRINT, Big Sur, …) instead of using the software … Hoping now that everything will be stable, …

Not that important, altough I’ve installed QTR 2.7.10 - why it’s indicated as 2.7.9 in the following screen? Or have I missed something?


It will just say 2.7.9 but it’s actually 2.7.10