Unable to clear Platinum rag


Hi Walker.
I’m trying out the Malde-Ware platinum process . I bought all the chemistry from you and I’m using meth 2 for cooler tones.
For some reason I can’t get Hahnemuele Platinum Rag to clear completely ?
Do you have any knowledge of problems with this paper.
Normally it clears very easily.


Clearing is related to two things with this paper: how much surfactant you used, and how high the humidity/temp was before you placed this paper into the clear.

Keep everything at a constant 50% RH and 70 deg F (21C) and lower your surfactant (tween) and see if this works. At high temps and high humidity I have seen this paper just never be able to clear . . .



Thanks. I might be a little high on those. I will check and try again.

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Hi Walker.
I’m now on RH 40% and 21° and it clears, if reluctantly . Also ran a test on Arches Platine and it clears a lot quicker, used to be the opposite in the traditional chemistry. Strange.
Tank’s for your help.