Type 2 roll paper was yellow

I have a roll of Type 2 paper. Historically, it has been somewhat yellow (lab: 94.7, -1.6, 9.8). Recently, I saw a noticeable change in color from yellow to white (lab 95.7, -0.3, 4.5). This roll has sat on the printer for a while, covered by plastic. I’m not entirely sure if it was always yellow or if it turned yellow.

Does this paper naturally turn yellow over time? Did I get a bad roll of paper? Should I be storing it differently?

So sorry for the late reply. Type 2 should always be slightly “yellow” as it has no optical brighteners. I’m concerned that you may have gotten some other paper if it was suddenly white at some point in the past.

If you have samples can you mail me a few pieces to 146 Main St, Apt 4, Montpelier VT 05602? Or just message me a photo.

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I’ve looked at older prints and some are very yellow, others are not. Previously it seemed to be an ink purge issue, not a paper issue. Either way, the paper is currently white and I’ve moved on.