Try to make a Carbon curve


Am having trouble trying to make a Carbon curve , i had a few false starts and decided to start from scratch. Ive settled on a tissue mix and a senitiser solution of 3% which is average and worked out a max black time.

First it printed a limiter negative using the master quad and then determine a limit point and developed and new quad using that. The first image is made using that quad. Once that print was made I measured the 129 steps and ran it through the smoother to make another quad and then reprinted the 129 step wedge and the second image is the result. I seem to have gained a lot of the missing tones which were missing from the first but lost the last 22 steps, or most of them.

Any ideas why, I want to test again using the same paper as these were transferred onto a matt and gloss paper, should cause that much difference but thought I would post here while doing that given the time differences.


P.S. Not discounting the fact that I may have a sensitiser issue with it drying (its summer here) to quickly and therefore not getting into the tissue correctly.



Ok. So I think the first thing you did was limit way way way too thin on the neg.

You need to tune that limited curve way lighter (aka denser) in the mid-tones to get enough data in the print to actually linearize properly.

Do you have a screenshot of the limiting curve you applied to the .quad?





Snap of the limit curve. Appreciate the help, there are so many link variables with carbon. Still think my coating is one of the issues, but the blocked up mid did look strange.


That curve should not cause so much darkness.

I think it’s coating . . .



Yes Im pretty sure your process works, so Ill start again using a better approach to coating. Thankfully carbon is cheap in a material sense, but not so much in a time sense.