To Flush or Not to Flush

I’m setting up a P6000 for P-Pro inks. The current literature is a little bit wishy-washy on whether I should flush the lines. I bought a 350ml P-Pro kit, and I know ideally we’d be starting from a totally new printer, or flushed printer. However if I can successfully just load up the Pro inks and be good after a few print sessions, that will save me currently $645 dollars. Conversely, I could flush a couple of the lines as my understanding is a couple of the inks take longer to dissipate in prints. I don’t want to waste money basically… Any advice for me?

Nobody has any advice here?

It’s a half dozen or another. If you want to do a partial-purge you can put PF in the Yellow channel only and do the rest directly to Piezo. Then do a lot of more cleaning on Yellow (or manual purge printing) and then switch to pro with manual purge printing on that channel. That is probably the most cost effective.

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Right. For me it was always the yellow channel that took forever to flush out. PF is certainly a good way to proceed for that color. Then you will need to clean out the PF pink color.

My advice would be, if you see a color that takes much longer to clean out, happening in the light inks, create a 24x40” rectangle in photoshop of that color, medium value, and run as many as necessary until you see see a clean gray. You can do this with cheap bond paper at high speed. I would buy a 24” roll of the cheapest bond paper paper you can find. Even butcher paper would work. I usually did about three pair cleanings of the problem color first though.