To flip or not to flip, that is the question


Invert and flip has been such an integral part of making digital negs for so long that it has been a bit of a challenge to let it go. I actually like seeing the negative image on the screen. But in 3 plus months of using PiezoDN I’ve gotten used to it. Unfortunately, for me the 2 steps go together so if I don’t invert I sometimes forget to flip. Which brings me to the point of this post.

I began this adventure as a beta-tester using a 1430. My plan to adapt it to my 4880 floundered when it developed an electrical problem that I was unable to correctly diagnose and repair. So I replaced it with a refurbed 3880 which arrived earlier this week. Before getting started I made sure the QTR, PrintTool, and PiezoDN were all up to date. After forgetting to flip the first test target, I noticed something on the Print dialog in PrintTool that I had never seen before. At the bottom of the Layout menu are 2 check boxes. The first is Reverse page orientation and the second is Flip horizontally. Flip horizontally. I had never seen this option here before, though I had thought about asking Roy Harrington, the author of QTR and PT, if the Invert & Flip checkbox on the PrintTool setup page could be separated. And guess what - it works! And what’s even better is that along with the rest of the QTR settings it can be saved as a preset. You will never have to manually flip your image again.

Unfortunately for Walker, this means a rewrite in the manual. Sorry dude. :wink:



This is going into the manual next.


The whole idea behind PiezoDN is that you don’t have to manipulate you image in any structurally significant (may you would aesthetically) way between printing inkjet and printing darkroom. So this was the last vexing piece of the puzzle for me. Thanks for your sharp eyes Keith!



That’s worth remembering! Thanks Keith!



The new PrintTool (v2.0) gives much more dig-neg adjustments. This preference is also sticky and not tied to the printer prefs. I suggest that.