Ti3 file format problem in Piezography ICC profiler


Hello. I am a new professional tools user, and I am trying to build my first ICC profile. I’ve had several problems with the data during the process, but I can’t solve the last one: when I drag my ti3 file (ICC profiler data copied in sublime text and exported in ti3) in Piezography ICC profiler, it says: “./colprof: Error - CGATS file read error : Error in file ‘/Users/michael/Desktop/test7.ti3’: Field ‘RGB_R’ has unexpected type, should be ‘real’, is ‘non-quoted char string’”. Does someone knows where the problem could come from? Thanks a lot. Michael



please zip and upload your TI3 file and measurements so I can take a look.




Hello. Thanks but I found the solution. I’m french, so it was just a problem about commas and dots!
Thanks again.

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