Target missing profile. What to do?


I am about to print a 129-step target. I probably do not need to open it in Photoshop, but could send it directly to QTRGui. But if I do open it in Photoshop, I get a “missing profile” warning. What would the correct choice be for “What would you like to do?”




The 129 step targets are hard-coded gamma 2.2. Do not color manage these targets.





I figured the numbers are hard-coded for printing without color management in QTRGui. But suppose I want to modify the target in Photoshop (put a black border on it to save black ink)? Then what choice should I make when opening the file in Photoshop?


When I said “Do not color manage these targets” I meant “Leave as is, Don’t color manage.” like what it says in the screenshot you sent me . . . .