Target measuring

Color Port seems to work fine so far. However the target is different from the printed file. It starts with pure white when reading stripes - the reference file has just the reverse order. Am I doing something wrong or could you eventually change the reference file? It is working if I read the chart from right to left…

Best, Markus

Markus - do not read targets until you rid the PiezoFlush in your system. You’ll have to do it all over again. The pink PiezoFlush in your ink is also diluting your ink density.

Dear Markus.

I’m assuming you are using the 51step i1Pro .xml and 129step i1Pro .xml colorport references?

I just opened them up and they are oriented correctly both in reference and in image. The first step to read should the lightest and then you read them step by step from lightest to darkest (Make sure not to read the black band of patches that runs down one end. This is just for calibration).



Thanks Walker

You are right - the orientation is the same but the software reads from bottom to top if reading in strip mode - which may be less accurate but quite a lot faster mainly with 129 patches. I will flip the target and then print again.

Best Markus