Target image gremlin

There appears to be a minor gremlin in the Colorport-256step-i1Pro.tiff calibration target (in the Piezography-Targets folder). There is a line of text superimposed over line 12 (“256 Step XRite ISIS etc”) obviously sneaked in during target creation.
If I open the tiff in PS appears as a layer.
Can’t imagine that it would have any meaningful effect on readings though?

I see that too. You can just delete the offending layer.

When I try deleting the offending layer PS says I don’t have permission to alter file. Could workaround by duplicating file and editing permissions but to be honest I’m scared to fiddle too much and end up changing the ‘untagged’ file

It’s a bug that I keep forgetting to fix. That being said, it has zero effect on the measurements.

Feel free to use until I update.


Thanks Walker

That’s peculiar - I did it just before posting to be sure I wasn’t misleading you! I had no permissions issue. My apologies.

~ Keith

Hi Keith, thanks for this, am guessing operator error on my side, thanks for the feedback, Neil