Switching from P2 to K7 HD for matt-printing


Currently P-600 with P2 Ink Set for the last 3 years (for positive and negative).

I’ve noticed that most of the time I print matt.

Considering to switch to K7 HD (thus with Shade 7) and don’t fill for Gloss printing (thus filling with PF).

Two questions:

  • Will the K7 HD Ink Set have more ‘nuances’ due to the Shade 7?
  • Or why is the K7 HD availble if the difference with P2 is negligible?



It has a tiny bit better highlights fidelity but really not a noticeable difference.

Honestly our original curve making tech required K7 but we got better at making curves and K6 works just as well now and that’s the reason for my full embrace of K6/P2.