Switching an old 9900 printer to PiezoPro

Hi Walker
We have been in contact about this via e-mail and I extend it here in order to provide others with this information as well.
I have converted our old 9900 to Piezo Pro inks today. The printer was printing flawlessly for the last 8 years. I was aware from earlier conversions that yellow can be tricky for removing its cast. I was doing an init fill and then a KK3 and it looks like all inks - except for the ones in the Yellow and Orange channel look fine.

Yellow should be fine now after around 1 square meter of printing purge sheets through calibration mode. Orange seems to be tougher though. Do you have similar experiences? The problem with Orange is that it has the Warm Very light in it. I have been flushing and printing like crazy and have the feeling that it does not change the color anymore - however it looks like there is still some Orange cast. When can I know that it is where it should be?
Thanks, Markus

I suggest 2x 90" channel purges on some cheap bond type paper using this method:


Thanks, 90" by ? I am using a 24 inch wide roll

Ok, looks like it has to be at least 50 x 44 inch. This ink is really hard to beat…