Supplied PiezoDN Curves Exposure Time


In reviewing the supplied PiezoDN Curves information you have listed the Exposure time in UV units. I assume this is based upon using a light integrator based exposure unit. And since these exposure units are all different what is the approximate amount of time per UV units for the supplied “curves”? For example, the X800-X880-PiezoDN-Pd-Ox-IJM.quad “curve” listed the exposure time at 180 units UV. Is your exposure unit calibrated so that one UV unit equals “approximately” 1 second?


We used a NuArc v28 1200 SE for the exposures. Time is even more variable than Units! In the morning when we first did the exposure the bulb was not warm so it could take 7 minutes. afterwards, 3 minutes.


Florescent boxes are much more consistent for time. It’s all dependent on the minimum exposure for maximum black though. If you figure that out, everything else should follow nicely.


New bulbs sometimes take a little while to “burn in.”






I am using a Nuarc 26-1K with a new metal halide bulb. I have noticed the same sort of issues: inconsistency in exposure times.

Did you see any differences in the resultant print from the two exposures? Is the light integrator “working” on your unit. I assume for both exposures you described you used the same number of UV units?