Stylus Photo 1500W, european version of Artisan 1430


Will this printer work with PiezoDN by just renaming the 1430 installers and curves?



It should. I can’t say for sure if our chips and cartridges would work so you may need to get that from an EU supplier.

You will need to rename the 1430 install command to “Install1500-PiezoDN=1400.command” or possibly “Install1500W-PiezoDN=1400.command” for it to work.





Hiya, I’ve also just bought a 1500w with the intention of using with PeizoDN. I’d like to hear how it goes Kees.



Hi Gareth,

I don’t have this printer (yet). But it’s the cheapest way to start with piezoDN ànd piezography inks. So I might try that option. I’m currently testing the linearization tools with my quadtonerip negative setups for epson inks. My QTR profiles are based on 3 partitioned K, LK and LLK inks with one or more color inks as a toner. Spectral UV densities for color inks are not lineair (at all) at different UV wavelengths. Black and gray inks perform better in this respect. That’s why these piezography inks work so nicely.






I am confused by what you mean by changing the install command. Don’t you just have to drag and drop the right curves into QTR?



Ok, now I realize my mistake. I own a PC, had no idea that it was only for Mac when buying. I should really read the small print.

Can you please advise me what is a good pre-owned Mac to buy in order to use this stuff? Cheers


Ok thanks,

Could you also please advise me whether i1Display Pro (first model) will be better than the Epson V500 for calibration? I can’t afford the i1Pro 2 and this is the only one mentioned in the manual apart from spyderprint.



every single spectro will be better than a cheap flat-bed scanner for calibration.




I’ve got a DataColor Spyder3Print SR which works well for this purpose. Much better than even an expensive scanner like my EverSmart Pro II.


Thanks for the reply Walker. I’m now looking at getting an i1 Pro 2 to calibrate an Eizo ColorEdge EG211 monitor. I am seeing different versions of the i1 Pro 2. One is called a EFI ES-2000 and is Rev E, which corresponds to the latest i1. It even says Xrite on the reverse. Can you tell me for certain if I can use with with the Eizo monitor? Jon said I have to contact Eizo to see if it will work with the monitor and also was unsure whether it could export data for use with PiezoDN. Any ideas whether it is identical to the i1 or will I have problems using it?

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All i1Pro2 spectros will work with Eizo and PiezoDN.


Does this definitely include the EFI ES-2000? Is that just a re-badged X-rite spectro?

Eizo are advising me to buy a current model of screen

There are CS, CX and CG series screens. Which is best for my purposes or will they all work just as well?



I have spoken to a representative at Eizo and he recommends a CX241 as a current model of screen to use. He recommended Colormunki to calibrate the screen and scan the prints. Does this sound like a good combination to you?


Any used iMac will work.


Hi Walker, could you tell me what the minimum operating system requirements are? It says in the manual that OS X 10.06 the use of QTR print-tool is a requirement. Do I need to use the print tool with PiezoDN or will I be able to run/calibrate using OS X 10.4.7



Because the requirements say that 10.6 is required, 10.6 is required.

Calibration software will not run on anything less than 10.6 at this point.

Print-Tool will also not run (properly) on anything less than 10.6 at this point.

QTR is technically supported on older OPs but will quickly become unstable in the coming releases so the cutoff for PiezoDN is 10.6