Stubborn clog on 9900 - cyan/magenta channel

I have some persistent deflected nozzles in the cyan and magenta channels in our 9900/Piezo Pro printer. The machine had the wiper blade and ink selector unit replaced in March and has been pretty trouble free until a few weeks ago. I’ve done several standard paired channel cleans, one powerful channel clean, and a cl3 for those channels, but can’t seem to fix it - there’s at least one or two line breaks in the nozzle pattern. On Friday I cleaned the capping station and wiper blade per the IJM cleaning video. This cleared things up temporarily in the magenta channel, but there was still a deflected nozzle in the cyan channel. I did a nozzle check this morning and am seeing deflections in the magenta channel again, along with issues in the cyan channel.

Any suggestions on what else to try? I can’t see air in the lines and the carts look primed.

Can you upload a nozzle check?




Hi Walker

Nozzle checks attached.

In between the 2nd and 3rd nozzle test prints is where I did the following on 9/15/17: Paired CL3 clean for C/VM channel from service mode. Then cleaning of wiper blade, capping station, Piezoflush on the metal mesh unit per the IJM video. Let printer sit overnight. On 9/16/17 - had some deflected nozzles at startup in the Cyan but was able to clear most of them, and to print w/o any banding. I don’t have the nozzle test from this day, sorry.

Nozzle check #3 is from startup today, 9/18. Nozzle #4 is after a standard paired C/VM cleaning.

It looks like you have 1 permanent nozzle out on the Cyan, but that the rest of the problems are actually to do with a failing or miss-aligned cleaning assembly.


The motors on the cleaning assemblies are fragile and can go quickly . . . you can adjust the assembly height in the maintenance mode. This sometimes fixes the problem.



Thank you Walker. Would the cleaning assembly height adjust be what the service menu calls the “Cleaning PG”?

I see in the service manual that “Cleaning PG” adjusts the gap between wiper and printhead. Is this the adjustment you’re referring to? There’s not a mention of a “cleaning assembly”. The service manual does refer to a “Cleaning PG Adjustment gauge”, which I don’t have. Maybe there is a default height to reset it to?