Strange Issue using an i1Pro 3

I’m using an i1Pro3 to linearize Pro print profiles. I’ve used an il spectro for years but the Pro3 is relatively new to me.

I’m getting an error message that I’ve not seen before: “No substrate detected. Substrate left and right of patches was not scanned or substrate color left and right are not the same.”

I’ve checked everything. Restarted my computer, rebooted the software, double-checked the settings, etc. There is nothing odd or unique about the printed target. It looks perfect to my eye.

I’m at a loss. Has anyone seen this issue before? Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Give 1/4 of a second delay on each side as your are reading


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Walker- The “fixed” 21x16 workflow file for the i1Pro3 works! Thank you.

I’m necessarily using i1Profiler v3.5. When Single Scan is selected three reports are generated: Filter- No, Filter- D50, and Filter- UV. Which data set should be used?

@bill, when I started using the i1Profiler workflow I researched this question but for the life of me can’t find the notes as to why, but do have my working files and am using the M0 data.

Thanks, Scott. I’m moving ahead this morning with the MO data set.

If I understand correctly, M0 (no filter), M1 (D50 filter), and M2 (UV filter). I think the reason M0 is fine is we really just want the L* value, and the UV filter (or not) should only be impacting A and B values.

@walkerblackwell is that correct?