Strange Artifact in Peizo Prints

My newly converted to pro inks Epson R3000 is printing strange artifacts. I’m getting white highlights on the edges of high contrast areas and shadows on the other side. This creates a bias-relief effect. They look like over sharpening artifacts, but I do not apply any additional sharpening out of camera. No adjustments in Lightroom and no sharpening is applied on TIFF output. Here is an example print along with the original file. This is at 100%, but I can see them on the print without magnification from 12".

I looked back at my images and do not see this effect on ABW prints before the conversion. The printer has been cleaned with piezoflush and there are no gaps in the nozzle pattern. Solid patches print fine, all channels are working. When printing in portrait orientation, the highlights mostly appear on the top side. When printing in landscape, the artifacts rotate with the image and appear on the left side. I can reproduce this on all prints, but can’t figure out the cause. The print head alignment has been done several times and I get solid boxes without stripes in the 5-7 boxes. Has anyone seen this before?