stains in middle of print


Hello Walker/Dana,


I have some strange stains/spots in the middle of my prints. See pictures attached.

yesterday a few stains in one print, today again after cleaning wiperblade and head. Nozzlecheck was ok.

Cappingstation and wiper blade are fairly new and i also replaced the dampers a few weeks ago…

i Did a manual head alignment , all parts of it on the same paper.

Could it be the new dampers are tight to much? What could be the cause?


printing on a 44" roll , epson stylus pro 9880, Hahnemuhle Fine Art baryta Satin , K7 Selenium inks , linearized curve


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Luc Brefeld





Those are head strikes!

Try increasing your platen gap for that paper grade!


thanks Jon, increasing the platen gap solved my problem. I had to do 2 steps , from standard > wide > wider…

does this effect sharpness?







Not in our experience. The head can be moved quite a bit. The trajectory is at an angle but the increase in gap does not affect things because the ink is expressed with a lot of force. Take a careful look and share your results!


Some more stains on my print, caused by the head touching the paper. the paper roll is very very curly.

yesterday i cut sheets from the roll and covered the paper with foam board and books for extra weight.

That did not do much ( one night )

What is a good way to uncurl a paper roll?

Epson pro 9880 and Hahnemuhle Fine Art Baryta Satin 44" roll


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