"Spotting" Glossy Prints

I have a large Piezo Pro print on Photo Rag Baryta with a small white spot apparently under the gloss overcoat. Of course it is on a dark area where it is visible, and I would rather not have to re-print it.

“Spotting” this out on a traditional silver print would be no problem, but I haven’t tried to do this on Piezo prints before. Any suggestions on the best way to do this? I’m going to to test spotting with the Piezo inks - not sure how it will work on top of the gloss overcoat - but I thought I’d ask for suggestions first.


You should spot it and then let it dry. If you see a gloss differential, spot with clear GCO on top.

I can’t promise this will work . . .


Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll give that a try and see how it goes.

Just a quick follow-up on this.

I was able to match the density fairly closely using Medium Gray ink. The gloss differential really wasn’t a problem, so I didn’t need the GCO. Because the spot was so small, this worked ok in this instance.

But since the ink rested on top of the print, the ink build-up was visible at certain angles. It certainly doesn’t work as well as spotting on a traditional silver or mat inkjet print. I don’t think this is a viable solution for anything but the smallest of spots.

If anyone has found a better solution I’d love to hear it.