Split tone curve blends


Newbie question alert!

Hello, I am new to Piezo and trying to find my way a bit. I have the PiezoPro inks loaded in a 9800. I have a question and I’m sure the correct answer will be “well you need to experiment and find what works for you etc” and that is certainly what I intend to do but any suggested starting points would help!

I am trying to understand how the ‘split tone’ option in QTR is best applied. What are the suggested starting points?

Page 55 of the Deluxe Manual says to start with 100% neutral and then add cool and warm to taste. But elsewhere on this forum someone said that were advised at a workshop to ignore the neutral and just work with the cool and warm? I have also read that the neutral curve is itself a blend of about 80% cool and 20% warm?

Are there suggested starting points that work well?

Does 50% cool and 50% warm equal neutral?



Ok. So there will always be differing opinions about how/when to tone but the manual holds true here. Always start at neutral and then only use a combo of Neutral/Warm or Neutral/Cool to get to your color. Cool/Warm ink are NOT equal in hue strength so it gets too complicated to predict the color if you aren’t using Neutral curve as your hinge-point.


The neutral is 80%cool and 20%warm (warm is a much stronger color than neutral).





Ok great thanks Walker
Have also discovered the ‘Toning and ICC’ page at https://cone-editions.com/piezography/ which is also very helpful many thanks